“Humanity needs the sublime. The sublime of the sublime is art, and the sublime of art is avant-garde”

This way the famous writer and playwright Roland Topor quoted.

The summer campaign of Alexander Hotto was taken inside the rooms of the “Abbadia di Fiastra” founded in 1142, in the province of Macerata; where charming frescos and typical enviroments of that age join in the refined style of Alexander Hotto, founded upon an artisanal tradition and innovation.

All conducts us to far ages, characterized by artistic and naturalistic beauties. Alexander Hotto wants to express joy, lightness and elegance in an environment where culture and art meet a glamour soul.

All of this is an hymn to the beauty that surrounds us with the purpose to rembember ourselves that we are an everything one with it, and together we can give ourselves ethereal views.