Alexander Hotto for man is a collection that presents classic shining colors thanks to their wovens and type of materials. This collection needs to express elegance and at the same time sportiness. It has an original and authentic personality. With this direct, fresh and cared collection, Alexander Hotto wants to represent an exclusive style through the innovation, the tradition and the beauty of a classic leather shoe.

The woman collection expresses elegance, femininity and modernity. The creations can distinguish themselves from the others thanks to the colors, the manufactures and the leathers. From the wovens to the puncturens, Alexander Hotto shoes follow the trends and address themselves to a trendy and sophisticated public. All of this is possible thanks to the sought wovens and to the raw materials renewed every season.

Alexander Hotto is a traditional shoe idea connected to innovation. The brand was born in 2003 and it is the result of GAL.MEN artisan experience connected to the creative spirit of a dynamic family that attributes an original, personal and at the same time contemporary style to its products. Every A.H’s shoe is aligned to artisan values of the “Made in Italy”, with an authentic care for the style combining tradition and innovation.

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