About Us


Alexander Hotto brand story begins in 2003, within the Melchiorri family company founded by Alessandro Melchiorri in 1955. Always devoted to the world of shoes and their craftsmanship, Alessandro succeeded in realizing his dream and becoming a shoemaker, and shared his great passion with his two sons who run the company today. Although the modern development in every manufacturing process, the production is still focused on respecting the tradition and maintaining its craftsmanship.


Alexander Hotto’s philosophy is that of creating a traditional handcrafted shoe which is based on quality of materials but nevertheless forgets the ever-changing market requests.

We would therefore be ready to define Alexander Hotto’s shoes as traditionally innovative. Every time in search of new stimulations, without changing its own essence and personality. “Testing and daring” is the motto: to find the right style just respecting the tradition and winking the eye to the new generation techniques.


Alexander Hotto is related to a handcraft experience and to the creative soul of a dynamic family that can give its products an authentic, personal and contemporary style. Each shoe does perfectly interpret the true value of a Made in Italy craftsmanship, paying attention to single details and new techniques, such as the deep dyed method, when shoes are plunged into a dye box, or the washing technique. Both techniques give the shoes a vintage, used effect.

All these features make Alexander Hotto a brand with a classic and at the same time strong and recognizable personality.

“An elegant and refined shoe…for a strong personality.”

Tracked product 100% Made in Italy


Alexander Hotto answers exactly to the artisanal value of the Made in Italy, with a sartorial care to the style of the shoe; combining tradition and innovation with the right balance.

“An elegant and refined shoe…for a strong personality.”

All the leathers of this line are hand dyed by plunging the upper on the dye. Any differences of the colors must be considered as a unique and artisanal characteristic of the product and not as a fault.

A) LEATHER: Toscana
C) COLOURING: Montegranaro
D) PACKAGING: Montegranaro
E) QUALITY CONTROL: Montegranaro