Luxury and frizzy ankle boot made of brown buffalskin garment dyed and then finished by a spray dye that enhances the nuances of colors. The upper is also hand woven recalling an exotic and young style, while the glamour and sinouos soul of this shoe racalls a refined femininity specially thanks to its slender last.


Venice Dip-Dye

Brown buffaloskin garment dyed
SOLE: Brown hand dyed leather sole
LINING: Brown garment dyed goatskin
INSOLE: Made of memory material covered with gold glazed goatskin with black printed logo

DETAILS: Woven upper leather – double zip with suede bow – washed on stones


36 37 38 39 40 41
25,5 cm 26,0 cm 26,5 cm 27,5 cm 28,0 cm 28,5 cm

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Product Specifications

The quality of the materials we use request attention.

Atmospheric and chemical agents like alcohol, grease and cosmetics could demage in an irreversible way the shoe.

It is recommended not to wash the shoe in the washing machine or in water and to preserve the product in its packaging.

We suggest to clean the shoe with a damp cloth.

Size Guide

How to find your shoes size?

First of all, get a sheet of paper, a pen, a ruler and a measuring tape.

Let’s start measuring the length of your foot: put it on the sheet of paper and draw the shape of the foot, by keeping the pencil straight. Draw a vertical line with the ruler starting from the heel to the longer finger of the foot, take the measurements in cm.

If you don’t have these objects at your disposal, you can just measure the length of your foot plant from the heel to the longer finger with the ruler. In this case, it’s very important to take your foot straight, as if you were standing.

Be sure that your foot measurement does not have to coincide perfectly with that of your chosen number; the size of the footwear should be slightly longer so that it is not too precise for your foot.